Property Law

We specialise in Wills and Probate and offer additional legal services in connected property matters, the main ones consist of:

  • Selling Probate Property
  • Transfer of Equity
  • Assent

Selling of Probate Property

We offer legal services in connection with your Probate matter for the selling of your Probate property. The Grant (the legal document) will give a Personal Representative (Executor or Administrator) the authority to sell your property.

An Executor is a person who has the responsibility of the administration of the estate of someone who has died and derives their authority from the terms of their Will.  If no Executor is referred to in the terms of the Will it will be the deceased’s next of kin, the person will assume responsibility for the administration of deceased’s estate by obtaining Grant of Letters of Administration enabling them to act as the Administrator. The Grant gives the Administrator the power to sell the property.

If the Probate property is not in the sole name of the deceased and is held in joint names as joint tenants with someone else, then the property will pass automatically to the surviving owner without the process of having to obtain the Grant.

Transfer of Equity  

You might decide to transfer the equity of a property because the house has been given to you and your siblings by a deceased parent.  We can give legal assistance and advice if you wish the property to be transferred between family members. Also, we can give legal assistance and advice if the property is being gifted or you may have recently got married or divorced or sadly your spouse, partner or registered owner of the house has died.

Transfer of equity involves transferring a property from sole to joint ownership or maybe an additional person to the property or removing a person or people from the deeds.

It is a complex area, and we can offer you an initial consultation to discuss the matter.


If you are a Personal Representative of a deceased’s estate, you will have the authority to administer the estate.  This will include having the power to sell the property or transfer it to the appropriate beneficiaries.

An Assent is a legal document used to transfer legal ownership of property or land from the estate of someone who has died into the name of a new owner.

Please arrange an initial consultation with us if you wish to discuss any of the above matters.


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