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It is important to make a Will, if you die without making a Will your money, property and possessions will be distributed under the intestacy rules which will not consider your wishes. We can give you peace of mind by offering you legal advice and assistance to enable you to distribute your belongings according to your wishes after your death. Also, if you have children you can appoint guardians for your children in the event of your death and plan to protect them later in life when they reach adulthood by creating appropriate trusts.


A Trust is an equitable obligation binding Trustees to deal with the trust property owned by them as a separate fund distinct from their own for the benefit of beneficiaries.

A Will Trust is an arrangement which will come into effect after your death and gives the appointed Trustees control over your property on behalf of your beneficiaries. The Trust can provide beneficiaries with a specific amount or the funds can be distributed at the Trustees’ discretion. There are three main types of trusts: Age Contingent Trusts, Discretionary Trusts and Interest in Possession Trusts also known as Life Interest Trusts.

If you are considering arranging a Trust after your death or making a Trust to manage or protect your estate for the benefit of your family members, please contact us to arrange an initial consultation to discuss the different trusts available to meet your needs.


Losing a loved one can be an exceedingly difficult time. It can be very emotional and distressing to lose someone you love. We can offer you legal advice and assistance which will include applying for the Grant (a legal document), collecting, and distributing your loved one’s assets to beneficiaries.
If you have been appointed as an Executor under the terms of someone’s Will, you will have the authority and responsibility of the administration of their estate. If you are not named in the Will and no other person is named as an Executor under the terms of the Will, it will be the deceased’s next of kin who will assume the responsibility for the administration of their estate.
You will not need to obtain a Grant for a small estate, and we can give you advice as to whether you will require the legal document. If your deceased ‘s property is jointly owned with another depending on how the property is jointly owned, you may not need to apply for a Grant, and we can offer advice and assistance on this matter also.

Lasting Power of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document that enables a person (a Donor) who is over 18 and has the mental capacity to appoint trusted friends, family, or advisers (the Attorneys) to manage financial or health and care matters or both.
People are living longer; you may be affected by failing health in your later years and may need support in your daily routine and decision making. You may just want a trusted friend or family member to pay your bills during your elderly years with your consent even though you have mental capacity just to lift the burden.
You can only make a LPA whilst you still have the mental capacity. We can give you legal advice and assistance and draft and register your LPAs with the Office of the Public Guardian on your behalf.


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